Lizzie Everard 2017


I am an independent Creative Director, all about ideas made beautiful. This is my site devoted to words.

In May 2017 I gave a TEDx talk which consolidated many years of exploring words. Some of those words became incredibly precious and life-giving, so I explored them further in a ‘100 Days’ project and created personal manifestos by hand—in print and with hand-lettering. At the start, I never imagined that I would eventually be working with a TEDx team to share my hugely personal story of how this project had such a positive, powerful impact on my life, but that is what happened. It continues to go down so well I have taken the encouragement and created this site to carry on the adventure with beautiful, encouraging and life-giving words.

In addition, as the inspiration ripples out, I have developed a workshop to share skills and tools for making a practical response, and am testing it out on a few small groups throughout the rest of this year. If you would like to stay in touch as the story unfolds and any workshop dates are announced, join my mailing list – sign up over here!

This site is in development as I connect the dots between many ideas. Thanks for your patience as it comes together.

If you are looking for my design work, please visit my portfolio site to get a feel for the wide range of professional design projects I’ve worked on, along with my biography.


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