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I am an independent Creative Director, all about ideas made beautiful. I make short films and create brand identities for people with inspiring stories to share, and take as much pride in the making as I do coming up with the ideas themselves.

Working from The Forge, a brand new space in the heart of Bristol, I am on a mission to bring more soulful expression to our ideas, breathing life into them through rich visual identity and content, and by making short films that tell stories, enchant us, teach us, help us feel things. I’m all for the brave pioneers, brilliant thinkers, inspiring do-ers and lovely encouragers who go out on a limb to make the world a better place and I relish opportunities to get together with you clever people and help bring ideas to life.

Excited to have won awards for my recent work, and with nearly 20 years industry experience, I have learnt from some of the best in the business – working in design (Lambie-Nairn, BBC) and photography (Magnum), and now independently.

As soon as you realise you need an ideas injection, or a plan for communicating your story or brand visually, get in touch. I will do my best to help you get to the heart of your message, then communicate really effectively, applying extensive practical skill and energy, intelligent insight, and (they say) a beautiful artistic vision.

Browse ideas in progress here, or check out my portfolio site to get a feel for the wide range of projects I’ve worked on.

Alternatively, if you want to know the backstory, have a look over here.


Thanks for dropping by!



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