Sketchbook Pages

While making Seashore Slowdown, I wondered what words it may need to help the flow – default setting for an expressive typographer! Realising it could stand as a more pure edit with straight film, I decided to be brave and leave it alone. So, these words I explored—little haiku poems—will probably stay on their sketchbook pages after all. It was a neat writing exercise though.

The haiku, as I discovered, tends to contain two different ideas and reference to the natural world, as well as the 5-7-5 syllables rule.

I found it hard to keep things simple, but this did feel like a great way to practice being eloquent with fewer words when it comes to writing the next animation script.

Softly blazing? Thinking about it, I don’t know, I bet there’s a short film ready and waiting for these wordy ideas just up ahead.

{Today’s Soundtrack: P Sol –This Must Be Home}

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